Month: April 2016

Heirloom Cross Stitch

I’ve been gone for several weeks; this is my busy season at work. No, I don’t do tax accounts, I coordinate a very large program teaching gun and archery safety to nearly 4000 kids. Next weekend is the big state event, and we have 2400 kids, parents, coaches and family coming for a weekend of competition. Some of you may think kids and guns is a terrible idea, but I would encourage you to see first hand what teaching kids safety does. Their respect for life, adults, safety rules, and good sportsmanship is a joy to witness. These kids are amazing people, and their coach/mentors give over 50 hours each season to help them grow and develop into caring, contributing and confident citizens. Even though they are competing, they are still a family, older youth helping younger ones, leading by example and providing encouragement without prompting. Enough of my soapbox!┬á That’s why I’ve been AWOL…and not made tons of progress on my sewing, etc.

Today, you get a short tour of some finished projects…most are given away, so I have only a few actual pieces here at home. Below are the Christmas stockings I completed for my two daughters 20 years ago.

I learned to cross stitch in order to make homemade “American” gifts for my host families when I was an exchange student. That hobby continued over the years, but took a hiatus when my kiddos were younger. It seems that small, quick and simple projects were not my thing, I was always drawn to the “epic” patterns that took much more time than I had as a young mother. The Amish farm below was stitched before kids, but wasn’t framed until we moved into our home 12 years ago. Now it hangs on the basement stair wall, opposite our dining area. This piece was doubled in size, so each original stitch became four. It was a huge undertaking, but works perfectly on this large wall.



Now that we are empty nesters, I find that having a project to take along or work on in the evenings is just my thing. I’m still too attracted to those epic projects for my own good, but I’ll live with it.


Currently, I’m working on a piece for a late May wedding, so it has taken over all of my free time, so not much to write about here! Instead I’ll leave you with some finished projects from years past.