Month: March 2016

The Cozy Factor

The Cozy Factor

My Marfy 3219 is going to replace my 12 year old stadium parka as my travel coat. Because of that, it must be WARM. South Dakota winters can be extremely mild, like this year with 70 degree days in early March, or like the one of three years ago where we had 20 inch blizzards 3/4 weekends in March…weather can change and is often quite different from east to west.

To add warmth to my jacket, I opted for a tightly woven polyester lining, the silk underlining, and lambswool interlining. I’m hoping that the three natural fiber layers will work together, and that the polyester will help with cutting wind (as in 50 mph gusts!) Because I had to order Hymo, there’s not been a lot of sewing going on. While I wait, it’s time to work on the lining and interlining. Because this is a Marfy pattern, I’ll have to draft my front and back lining pieces.

The drafting went smoothly, until I realized I had cut the front with the pocket instead of making it a straight seam…thankfully, I had one more sleeve to cut, and was able to utilize the mistake for that pattern piece. After some thought, I decided to stick with my original three piece back, but placed the body on the fold to provide a little extra ease. Everything else was pretty straight forward.

Now to deal with the lambswool, which actually isn’t 100% wool! It is wool and rayon, and is almost a knit in appearance.image

It’s very soft and the tiny air pockets should do a fabulous job of trapping air for some extra warmth. It’s so light, I don’t think it will add too much bulk. The lambswool will be basted to the lining pieces and treated as one. I’m not super thrilled about basting  all those pieces together, but know it will be worth it in the end. I will use some of the lambswool scraps for the sleeve heads and stash any other worthy bits for future sleeves.

In between drafting and cutting the lining and I have  sewn a few real seams, which has been very satisfying. So much so, that when the Hymo arrived in the mail, I abandoned the lambswool for a time to get my interfacing pieces cut. I will get back to the lambswool over Easter, just as soon as I have an actual front and back to work with!

My coat sewing time is a little tight right now because of the wedding gifts in process for the May, June and July weddings coming up. I am trying to spend at least a couple of hours each day toward those projects, in order to have them finished on time. Then of course, I keep thinking that I will need a new dress for all of these weddings…I better get back to stitching!

Wishing everyone a joyous Easter. At my house, we mark Easter as the day that death was conquered by Jesus when He paid for our debt of sin. Blessings to you all!


Progress Update

My New Year’s post had a list of projects for 2016, which I plan to  revisit now and then (looks like quarterly), to inspire me to keep moving forward…yikes my list has already lengthened considerably!


Quilt of Valor, sewn by military kids attending camp last August. Not one had ever touched a sewing machine. In spite of seven mentors, the piecing was still a little dicey in spots. One of the mentors, Judy G. provided the batting and long arm work, and it turned out much better than I had hoped!

Catherine’s Wheel cardigan made with Bretton yarn, a mix of wool, nylon and alpaca.










In Progress

Marfy coat-new post coming soon. The Hymo arrived over the weekend, so I can really get after it now.

imageCross stitch triptych-2/3 are ready to hang!

On the list:

Pencil skirt – Simplicity 1541


Kitchen shade-this was a little please unexpected, but needs to be remedied! Everything is now on hand, maybe over the weekend. My kitchen is white with red and blue here and there; the shade will add a pop of color, as in RED!

MIWW Challenge fabric–any ideas?
Hardanger something– I picked up an 18 x 55 piece of 28 count jobelan in lambswool and a 24 x 36 piece of 32 count  cashel linen in platinum for half price at Ben Franklin’s closing sale. The linen will definitely be hardanger, the jobelan maybe cross stitch.

Wedding gift #2 maybe a quilt top from my stash?…

Wedding gift #3 a cross stitch wedding sampler made from white cashel linen…I can’t stop myself dropping by B. Franklin!

Wedding gift #4 maybe the final quilt top from my stash?

Wool socks-this is an ongoing project that I keep in the family room year round, so I always have some handwork to do in the evenings. I have customized a great pattern from Silver’s Sock Class for my husband, because L.L. Bean no longer carries the 15 inch boot socks he loves. For you knitters afraid of turning a heel, Silver’s instructions are photo heavy and easy to understand….only sock pattern I have ever used.

I better get busy!!!!

Bound Buttonholes

Bound Buttonholes

As a sewing teen, bound buttonholes were considered the mark of an advanced seamstress. Where I grew up, one didn’t do them until they got to the 4-H wool unit, which of course was preceded by mutiple units of basic skills, which took several years. I did my first bound buttonholes as a freshman in college, but I haven’t done so many that I feel like an expert…they have been spaced far apart across my life, usually reserved for suit jackets and coats. Continue reading “Bound Buttonholes”