Catherine’s Wheel Sweater

Knitting is something I learned to do well while in Norway, but I actually learned from my mom while in kindergarten. I was pretty unsuccessful then, because I could not control the tension. Within 10 stitches, it was impossible to get the needle inserted, no matter what I did. So, I gave it up. Seventeen years later my Norwegian cousin had me knitting away in the round, doing color work no less! The difference? European style knitting…I thought I had learned Norwegian style, but according to YouTube, I learned to knit Russian style…from my Norwegian host mom. Maybe it has more to do with how close you are to the Artic Circle. Whatever the actual method, I think knitting and purling as I learned is fast, easy, and relaxing.image

My first knitting project for this year is a navy blue cardigan, with three Catherine’s Wheels on each side. I chose a yummy yarn I found on sale from Patternworks, called Bretton that is 70% super wash merino wool, 25% nylon and 5% alpaca and comes from Romania. The pattern came from Bendigo Woolen Mills in Australia and was downloaded from the Ravelry knitting site. image

The only embellishment on the cardigan is the wheel pattern. The edges are moss stitch all around. The set in sleeves give it a nice tailored look. The only thing missing now are the buttons and it will be complete! Finding any suitable buttons locally has been a challenge; I haven’t found any navy blue at my usual fabric store, so I am going to search tomorrow at the less likely locations, like Walmart. (The joys of living in Western South Dakota!)

While knitting this sweater I became curious about what exactly a Catherine’s wheel was, and found two answers. During medieval times, it was a torture device that looks very much like the design on this sweater! The more modern definition is a pinwheel type fireworks display. There is also a crochet pattern, a yoga position and a song with the same name!

I think I will really enjoy this sweater. I wear cardigans a lot and it was great to find a pattern that has a feminine fit. I expect I’ll be using this as a base for future projects. In fact, if the tests match with the label I may use this as part of my outfit for the 2016 MIWW contest! When I finally have buttons, I’ll post a picture of me wearing my cardigan.



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