Marfy Coat-Here Goes…

Marfy Coat-Here Goes…

Over the past week, I have started collecting the necessary supplies to begin F3212.  I have been contemplating marking issues for several weeks, after being unhappy with the tracing paper available at my local Hancocks. After doing some research on what else might be available, I determined to try a pencil on my organza, and augment it with traditional tailor tacks on the actual wool. At this point I’m going to try my method on one pattern peice, and see how well the results work. Ideas are welcome!

imageWarmth was a second concern. After much searching, I located some lambs wool from Bergen Tailor and Supply in New Jersey for the interlining, which has arrived. It is so light weight and thin, but the loft is still incredible! I’m hoping this makes my Pendleton herringbone toasty warm.



I ordered the silk organza from Susan Khalje for my underlining, and it arrived over the weekend! The final supplies needed will be hair canvas and lining which I have selected from B. Black & Sons, but haven’t ordered yet. I can work on cutting, marking and making bound buttonholes while I wait. Finally, I have to select some buttons. I haven’t decided whether to go with the non descript serviceable style or something fancier….

I wish my wool photographed better, it is a dark charcoal herringbone tweed, and it seems to go toward green or blue depending upon what it is next to. A very interesting peice of fabric to be sure.

Now I just need a real weekend to get started! (My job includes lots of weekend special events so it can be a little tough to get things moving.) I will get my final yard goods ordered this week, so that will be some progress.



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