Taking stock….

I love fresh starts. A new school year, the actual new year, a new project, sometimes even a new list is filled with hope and anticipation. So in order to make the most of the fresh start coming with 2016, I am going to list my progress on current projects; I’ll at least have a record of where I was at the end of 2015.


Marfy coat -My muslin is completed, and the fit seems to be pretty good. That’s the task for the New Year’s weekend, to recheck measurements and decide if it needs modification.

The one sleeve is not set correctly; this is a great illustration of how accurate seaming will solve many problems. the right sleeve was exactly matched and hand basted, while the left side ended up being difficult to match exactly because my tracings were on the inside instead of the outside. In spite of careful pinning, my seam estimate is off, causing the extra fabric at the head. I didn’t redo it, because the left side told me what I needed to know concerning fit.  A good nota bene for later.

Constructing the muslin pretty much answered my questions about the keyhole pockets, and the collar tab as well. It is just a specialized band collar like on  a men’s dress shirt. For those of you wondering, Marfy patterns come with NO instructions. You are supposed to be experienced enough to know what to do. I have an excellent sewing book that I can refer to, but some of these details are a little scary until you work through them on a muslin.

Challenges ahead: Selecting an accurate marking system, as the tracing paper from the local Hancocks was marginal at best.  Maybe a chalk pencil or basting thread would be a better choice.  The Susan Khajle web store has large sheets of high quality tracing paper available, so I might try those, since they are highly recommended. Silk organza, hair canvas and lambs wool interlining will need to be ordered on line, and I have yet to select buttons or a lining fabric.

My wool is a charcoal herringbone, more suit weight than coat worthy, hence the underlining and interlining along with the interfacing and lining. This is going to take months…

Bretton washable wool cardigan – I worked 42 rows on the last sleeve over Christmas. This will now move to my priority pile for evenings with the family. I love how this wool handles, and they still have some more over at Patternworks! After the sleeve, only one more front section before I am ready to block, then put it all together and do the button placket and neckline. I need buttons for this too, but it may be ready to wear before the winter weather is gone.

Stitched over 2 threads on 14 ct Aida

Flowers cross stitch set – completed at last, even the tiny stitching made difficult by the fact that I used 18 count Aida for the smaller two pieces. The lily was done in time for the county fair, but the other two were languishing. Now to decide on the framing and location. I’m actually keeping these for myself!



Patriotic mini quilt – This one is sandwiched and ready to quilt; I haven’t decided exactly what to do yet…maybe by New Year’s Eve?

Green mini quilt – no progress here, but I will have it in a quilt sandwich before the week is out.

Quilt of Valor from camp-prep and get it to a long arm quilter so it can be presented. (made by the “Design” Team at EXPLORE!, a one week camp for military teens.) I haven’t done much on the prepping part, but I have contacted a long arm quilter that was interested in doing it for us!

On the list for 2016:

4- H sewing project club at the local Air base – we start Jan. 11 with hand stitch samplers, then nine patch pillow tops, pajama bottoms or a pert skirt (brought to you by Colorado 4-H!), and finally a garment of their choosing that includes a facing and zipper closure. We will meet weekly through the end of March, then on call until they finish their garments for the fair. This will be a challenge, but I hope they will allow me to share a photo or two here!

Pencil skirt – I have a yard of a maroon damask Italian wool, purchased in Mitchell, SD for $10! I can’t wait to start this one.

MIWW challenge fabric piece – I may need some ideas here, I’ll solicit input when I post the fabric sample.

Hardanger something – I love this needle art. It is so beautiful and fresh looking. I haven’t decided what I want…edging for pillow cases, a colored art piece for the wall, an original design for the Nordic Needle contest….so many options!

Wedding quilt for daughter’s BF….I’m jumping the gun here, but these things take time! I have finally committed to a pattern for this quilt, and have used some of my DH’s Christmas gift certificate to purchase some great fabrics for my stash. They are all washed and folded and ready to go to the drawers down stairs.




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