Up Next….

After a long wait I got my Marfy coat pattern from Italy. I love the coat, but I admit the pattern has me a little nervous. I’ve been sewing a lot of years, but those funky pockets are looking a little confusing. I cut a muslin, and have the back together (yes, roll the eyes) and will need to try another section soon, just to get rid of so many pieces everywhere. The sleeves should be doable, and that will clear some space pretty quickly. I’m also a little nervous because the pattern didn’t have a full size range so I am pretty sure it will be too big, and need to be cut down.  We’ll see….


I have a couple of other projects in mid flux as well, with the hope to be somewhat caught up over Christmas. There are two mini quilt tops laying out, ready to be sandwiched and machine quilted. They are the same pattern, one in red, white and blue, and one in greens.


They were short and sweet, a good way to work on cutting and piecing accuracy without getting overwhelmed by a huge project. I don’t know which one will be my favorite.

Last but not least, Christmas pajamas for my two college girls. No more flannel, as they are living in CA and MO now, so I had to find something more summer weight. The winner is Butterick, 6225 which is actually pretty cute. Hopefully they will enjoy them,but I better get cracking!


I also have a couple of cross stitch pieces to finish, that have been on my wish list for nearly 20 years! I finally started them last summer, and have made pretty steady progress. There’s also a cross stitch ornament to finish this week for the tree. My knitting bag is also filling up with a navy blue wool cardigan that is coming along quite well. The back, one front and one sleeve are completed with the second sleeve in progress. I guess pictures are in order in the very near future!

Maybe posting here will provide some accountability to get them completed sooner rather than later!  Next week, I’ll post pictures of everything no matter what stage it is in; that should get me hopping!


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