MIWW-goal met!

One of my goals for this year was to participate in my district Make It With Wool contest. After completing my celery boucle jacket I assumed that I was well on my way…until I read the application form. All fabrics are now required to be submitted to the Montana State University Wool Lab for fabric analysis. Time was tight but I sent off my samples and started on my black wool pants.

The pants should have been simple. After working on my pattern some more, I thought I’d be in great shape…except for the fact that our basement flooded a bit over the summer, and guess what one item was destroyed?  The pants pattern pieces! UGH. I discovered this little trouble the day AFTER the pattern sale finished at Hancocks…I could either pay the full $21 or wait until Labor Day weekend. I waited. Our contest was mid September, so I knew it would be a quick job, but I figured I could get them done in plenty of time.

I decided to remeasure because I wasn’t as pleased with the brown cordoroy’s fit. I opted for the straight slim fit knowing I could let out the seams easily with the 1 inch seam allowances. The pants went together easily, and I was considering how I would do a lining for them when my fabric analysis returned.

My wonderful celery wool boucle was an imposter! It had only 30% wool content, making it ineligible for MIWW, which requires more the 50%. Now what?! I was literally days away, and had a pair of pants. Thankfully, we have a drawer with leftover Pendleton from my daughter’s projects, and after pulling everything out, I did find a black plaid remnant from a circle skirt she made in high school. Unfortunately, there was not much there, especially if the plaid had to be matched. I returned to my closet and located a shell that would possibly work and sure enough, I was able to cut a front and back. There was plenty of bias available so I did a bias binding on the sleeves and arm holes. Thankfully, I had a great first attempt on the seams, so within a day I had a two-piece outfit again.

imageThe operative word for this foray was participate, so I was simply glad to meet my goal. I was looking forward to seeing the other outfits and to picking out my prize, 2 1/2 yards of Pendleton…who cares about winning when that is your reward for participating! I headed off to Newell, SD (geographical center of the United States) home of the Center of the Nation Ram Sale, and for the first time in about 10 years modeled a garment…not my forte, as you can see above. I thoroughly enjoyed visiting with the others, and the wool laid out for prizes was amazing!

To my delight, and amazement, because the other adults were in a different district and category, I got the opportunity to go the state competition the following weekend in my home town (how convenient), and soon realized it meant another prize of 2 1/2  yards of wool! The state contest was an opportunity to catch up with some 4-H families I’d not seen in several years, and to learn more about our state’s unique competition. The garments were truly inspiring, and while I knew I was well out of my league, it sure was a fun day.image


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