…And the Fun Continues…

The previous post was written a year ago…did I continue sewing? Yes, but I’m terrible at pictures, so I never posted The Pants Adventure until this week, when I was inspired to continue blogging. My blog is probably never going to be noticed by many people, but it encourages me to keep a record of what I am working on, and I’m going to use for that. If people start reading, and are encouraged or inspired, or just laugh, that will be fine, but if no one but me ever reads it, that’s OK too.

So I did continue my pants adventure…It started by me taking pictures of the first pants, a year and many washes after they were first constructed.  Pictures don’t lie…the fit doesn’t look as good as I thought it would. I can’t really blame that on the time lapse either. In the end it doesn’t matter…my pattern got caught in a water adventure in my basement and was destroyed. I had to buy another one and start from scratch again.

I did make the brown corduroys and they are much looser than the original pair, possibly because of the much softer fabric, or probably because I didn’t get the alterations transposed to the pattern correctly. So maybe it’s a good thing the pattern is gone! The cords were a great exercise for me though. I wanted them to be sewn so well that I could consider entering them in the county fair. I learned several things from sewing the first pair, so I took care of serging a few seams earlier in the process, which really made the inside look great. I’m proud of them…not as proud of the fit, but they are comfortable and still fit better than any of my RTW pants.

imageAnd, I made them to go with this project…..  I found this wool/ silk boucle type fabric during my shopping expedition, and thought it would be a great addition to my work wardrobe. I also fell in love with the buttons. The pattern I had, just waiting for the right fabric to inspire me. I confess the wool had me thinking about the Make it yourself with wool contest I used to take my daughter to.

Those buttons were screaming, “Take me home!” at the fabric store. They are beautiful shell buttons and match the fabric perfectly. The only problem is that the jacket calls for 12, yes, 12 buttons…after fingering the fabric for maybe five seconds, I chickened out completely on buttonholes of any kind. I can do bound buttonholes, and do them well enough, but I am much too out of practice to attempt 12 on this fabric! After all, I want to wear the jacket. I have a vintage hounds tooth wool jacket in my closet that has a very loose weave, and it had snaps. So, I decided snaps it would be.

That crisis solved, I was ready to sew. I did a little on-line research, to see if anyone had any comments on the pattern, and discovered that it ran big enough that people recommended going down a size unless it would be an outerwear coat. I wanted something for the office, so down a size for me.

I was quite happy with the finished project and the overall look of the outfit. I am no fashion plate, so I don’t look very put together, but I like this combination, especially for my job. I never know if I’ll be teaching, hauling junk, chasing kids or running to meetings with staff, parents or teens, so this is a good look for me.

DSCN0320The actual sewing went very well…I serged every single possible seam since the jacket was unlined, and I think I have it contained adequately. The pockets are the same size and shape, as are the flaps, and the collar is sitting where it belongs. The sleeves look good, smooth and even, though I may still add a bit of a sleeve head to help them keep their shape. Again, the idea here was to get me back into sewing, so I didn’t want to go tailoring crazy yet. My plan was to do a great job sewing, but choose to add the more sophisticated tailoring techniques, not be compelled to do them.

I did enter this outfit in our very small County Fair, (as in 30 pieces of sewing, maybe) and got some good comments on the construction, and no surprises. I’m going to send my swatch in, along with a piece of black wool and set my sights on participating in the wool contest. Note, I said PARTICIPATING. I have no visions of grandeur here…there’s a lady that lives about 60 miles down the road and she is amazing. I’ll be glad to enjoy the afternoon, and come home with a new piece of Pendleton!


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