Grace Day

Today is a big anniversary at my house…not a birthday, wedding, or anything we celebrate normally. We haven’t named it yet, but maybe we should call it Grace Day, because that is what it reminds me of. One year ago today my daughter’s best friend had an AVM. (That’s an aterialvenal malformation…think brain hemorrhage and you’ll get the idea.) She collapsed during a final exam at the local high school, and the events that followed affirmed to me that God does exist and He does have a plan, even when it looks bad.

Some of you will stop reading when you see this, but I hope you won’t.

This experience was one of the worst things that has ever happened near me. But through all the terror, tears and waiting, I saw God working. There was real fear; the doctor told us that he couldn’t fix the problem, it was above his skill. He was hoping to stop the damage and buy time until she could be moved to someone that had the skill. He decided not to move her because he thought they would lose her in transit. At this point how many people would curse God and ask how could a loving God do this? No one was asking that question. Instead we were loving on the family and praying our hearts out, asking for her life to be spared, wisdom for the doctors, clarity of mind for the family to make decisions, and thanking God that He was in total control. If you think we are a bunch of whackos, that’s ok with me. I was there and I saw God’s power at work, and it was real.

So, fast forward to today, the one year anniversary of this horrific experience. Is our girl perfectly recovered. No. Has her life been turned upside down? Yes. Will she ever live the life she expected? We hope so. Sounds like God didn’t deliver? Nope, and here’s why. After lying in a coma for 5 weeks, this girl has progressed from relearning how to swallow (how many times have you swallowed without even realizing it while reading this post) to driving on her own. She is catching up on her school work, back in class at the school where she collapsed, and is pursuing her dream to be a photographer. Yes, she will probably be taking a gap year before heading off to photography school, and yes, she is still working on ways to improve her speech and stamina, but to all of us who prayed and hoped and cried, she is perfect.

I think God used this experience to change us. I think He had this in His plan all along, and I know that he has given a very sweet girl the grace to accept the situation, and to shine like a beacon through it. She confirmed to me this morning, that even though she gets frustrated and even sad, she feels God’s presence and His grace poured out on her so she can be patient and work on the task currently  in front of her. She has hope for the future, and she’s trusting the Creator of the Universe to handle the details.

So, Happy Grace Day.


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