Hello out there…

This blog is really a dare to myself to try something new, so we’ll see how it goes. It is also an outlet to share my thoughts, projects and whatever else comes along.

So, let me introduce myself! I am married to a wonderful man and the mother of two beautiful girls. Our family is at a crossroads, our eldest is a sophomore in college and our youngest is a senior in high school. We have an adorable but very large corgi Aussie mix named Max. I swear he understands English when he’s motivated! As parents, we are on the older side, not starting our family until we were both thirty-something.

Our little family lives in a modest house in Rapid City, where we do our best to be sensible in our living. We’ve learned a lot over the years, and enjoy sharing what we do with those who are interested. Much of these things came from our parents, so I’m going to start there.

My mom and dad grew up during the depression; they were born in 1925 and 1928. I lost my mom this past May, but I’ve been reflecting on what she taught me, and there was a lot. Here’s an example. We moved into a different house on the farm where my dad worked when I was about 10. It was poorly insulated, and in the early summer heat it was already stifling, because the windows had been painted shut. During that spring and summer, my mom took each window out, and fixed it. She took the glass out, stripped all the paint, repaired the casings, the ropes on the side weights (really old windows) reglazed the windows (the only word I remember from the whole thing) and put them back in.

She didn’t know anything about windows, and there was no internet, and the library was 17 miles away.  What a woman! I wish I had been old enough to remember what exactly she did!

So, maybe that gives you an idea of what kind of person I am and what kind of blog this may turn into. My holiday project this year is reupholstering a wing back chair that we bought for $40 from Cornerstone, because it had good bones. Max loved to sleep in that chair, and alas, it looked like it! More on that tomorrow. Kathy



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